Who Are We

About Unifo

Founded in 1997 with 100% domestic capital, UNIFO Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (UNIFO) is a member of UYAR Group of Companies.

UNIFO produces packaged ready-to-eat meals at international standards at its modern production facilities located on an area of 10,870.68 m2 in Kocaeli-Gebze Industrial Zone, and possesses the capacity and know-how required for manufacturing a wide range of products.

Having a prestigious position in the ready-to-eat food industry thanks to its experience and quality, UNIFO combines its extensive experience in the industry with qualified human resources, high technology and modern management systems to be a trusted, long-term business partner for its customers.

About ta!da!

ta!da! is a young and dynamic brand of UNIFO, which became the first Turkish company to produce ready-to-eat meals in microwave-proof packaging in 1998, and has been offering consumers practical and tasty products since 2010.

Closely watching the trends in the food and beverage industry and the new needs and expectations emerging due to changing social lives, ta!da! offers solutions for consumers from all age groups and for all types of needs with its ready-to-eat meal, canned food and outdoor ration pack alternatives.

Kalite ve Gıda Güvenliği Politikası

Innovative Company

With its healthy, delicious and practical product range, it aims to be a pioneering and innovative company with a high technical and distribution capacity, with the ideal of being the preferred brand in domestic and international markets.

Customer Satisfaction

It adopts the institutional quality management and safe food production system as its main responsibility to provide quality, safe and original level products and services to the customers.

Active Brand Managment

All employees protect both the national and international legal-regulatory requirements of Unifo Gıda from protecting the product food safety and quality management system; is responsible for ensuring the legal compliance of products and protecting brand value by effectively managing customer requirements.

Original Products

It monitors product originality and food defense issues to ensure that all products sold or purchased are of the expected quality and quality.

Qualified and Secure

These rules apply to product food safety and quality in all aspects, including design, formula, raw material, primary / secondary / tertiary packaging, production, storage, shipment, display, marketing, communication, sales and disposal at Unifo facilities.

Basic Values

Unifo, in order to make all activities effective and efficient; It considers working in a planned and controlled manner and focusing on customer satisfaction, which all the resources consider as the future of the company, as the basic elements of the Quality and Food Safety understanding.