Frequently Asked Questions


We have organized frequently asked questions for you.

How healthy we are?

Our products with special packaging which is suitable to be in physical contact with the food, are heat resistant and oxygen-proof, are cooked at high temperatures for a short period of time and thus they preserve their freshness and flavor for longer at shelf.

Do ta!da! ready-to-eat meals and chicken products contain additives?

No, ta!da! ready-to-go meals and chicken products do not contain any additives.

How do ta!da! ready-to-eat meals maintain their long shelf-life without including any additives?

Our products are prepared with the cooking technology which was based upon the preserving methods applied by our mothers for a long time at home. With the help of this technology, special packaging maintains the long shelf life without including any preservatives.

How do we maintain food safety?

Products are carefully monitored by our system from raw materials to the end where the product meets the customer. All the procedures and processes we conduct are applicable with food safety rules and standards and all the required analysis and controls are being made.

How we are deciding on our raw material suppliers?

According to our supplier assessing procedure; we are working with the most suitable suppliers that delicious and quality food that can provide food security and customer satisfaction.

Is our packaging heat resistant?

Yes, it is heat resistant.Please click for the certificate.

How can I heat ta!da! ready-to-eat meals?

To heat ta!da! ready-to-eat meals; take out both outer and inner packaging, pour the food into the pan and heat it for 4 minutes or in microwave for 2-3 minutes or you can heat the food by just taking out its outer packaging and water bathing for 4 minutes.

What are the storage conditions of the products?

Unpackaged products can be stored until the expiry date and/or recommended consumption date which is indicated on the package of the product.

What are the storing requirements?

You can store the product without unpackaging till the shelf-life and under the required conditions which are indicated on the packaging.

What shouldn’t be done in storage?

You should not store the product other than the storing conditions which are indicated on the packaging.

What is Ration packaging?

Food packages which provides daily or per meal nutrition for one individual; can be prepared in different calories or grams; and maintain its freshness for a year at room temperature.

Is ta!da! Ready-to-eat Chicken product healthy?

ta!da! Ready-to-eat Chicken is healthy. We use good agricultural applications certificated chicken meat for the production of this food. Tis product contains chicken meat, sunflower seed oil, milk, water, salt and Vitamin C. There is no additives or preservatives included.

What is good agricultural applications?

Good agricultural applications guarantees that; the product is produced in accordance with the good agricultural applications conditions; there is no chemical, microbiological or physical additions which can harm human health; the production has carried out without polluting the nature and harming nature’s balance; the production has carried out without harming anyone or any other living creature; the product is produced in accordance with the agricultural regulations of the country it produced and consumed.

Is the packaging of ta!da! ready-to-eat meals and chicken products healthy?

Our products’ packaging is healthy and applicable to the standards indicated by European Union and Turkish Food Codex regulations. Click for the certificate.

How much protein does ta!da! ready-to-eat chicken contain?

100 grams of ta!da! ready-to-eat chicken contains 20,7 grams of protein.

What is the ideal place for storing ta!da! ready-to-eat meals and chicken?

You don’t have to keep ta!da! ready-to-eat meals and chicken products in the refrigerator. You can store them at room temperature.

In how many days I have to consume ta!da! ready-to-eat meal product after opening the packaging?

If you keep ta!da! products in refrigerator and in a closed package they maintain their freshness and flavor for 2-3 days.

In how many days I have to consume ta!da! ready-to-eat chicken product after opening the packaging?

If you add some olive oil to the product and keep it in refrigerator and in a closed package it maintain its freshness and flavor for 2-3 days.

Can I consume ta!da! ready-to-eat meals and chicken products close to its expiry date?

Yes, you can. Expiry dates of our products are determined according to time span and shelf-life studies where you can safely consume the products.

How the nutrition balance have been kept in the ta!da! Outdoor menus?

ta!da Outdoor menus are created in accordance to daily protein-carbohydrate and fat balance for one person.

What is flameless heating kit?

Flameless heating kit is a simple and practical heating kit that allows you to eat your meal warm in any condition.

How do I use the flameless heating kit?

First of all take the flameless heating kit out of its pocket and place horizontally on the bottom of the heating bag. Then place the package you want to heat vertically into the heating bag. Pour half a glass of water (100 ml) into the bag and close the bag tightly. Starting of the heating reaction may change according to the temperature of the water you poured in. Heating reaction starts approximately in 2 minutes. Your meal would be heated in 10 minutes.

How much food I can heat with the heating kit?

You can heat 2 bags of ready-to-eat meal or 1 bag of ready-to-eat meal and 1 bag of clean water each time with this heating kit.

What is water purification tablet?

Water purification tablet converts any water body in nature into drinking water.

How can I use the water purification tablet?

Put the water body you found into the 1 lt bottle and put a water purification tablet into it. Shake it and wait half an hour until it sinks. Your drinking water is ready.

Are ta!da! ready-to-eat meals and chicken, sandwiches and outdoor products halal?

Yes, they are halal. Our products hold Halal Food Convenience certificate (TS OIC/SMIIC 1) accredited by Kalitest Certification company.